Chapter 6

This chapter will show you the license of our open source projects

1. License of projects under watergis organization

All of libraries are under MIT license.

Note. However, some repositories which were forked might be different license from MIT, so please follow license file under the repository.

2. License of vectortiles and raster tiles data

These vectortiles and raster tiles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

If you want to use their open data, please mention their attiribution. See the license at their case study page.

Also, if you want to use our stylefiles together with base map, please put the following additional attribution on your map.

(c)Mapbox, (c) OpenStreetMap contributors, Powered by the United Nations Vector Tile Toolkit

3. License of Stylefiles and Spritefiles

These following stylefiles are licenced under C0-1.0 License. However, we are using some icons of Mapbox Studio. So those icons which are from Mapbox, the license also belong them.

These stylefiles and spritefiles are following Mapbox Style Specification.