Chapter 5

This chapter will show you the list of our open source projects.

All of libraries are in Github under MIT license(some are under Apache 2.0 license).

1. Software for Mapbox GL JS client

watergis/mapbox-gl-exportdemoadd a simple control that exports a map as PNG or PDF
watergis/mapbox-gl-legenddemoadd a simple control that can generate a legend from map style.
watergis/mapbox-gl-elevationdemoadds elevation control to mapbox-gl. It relys on terrain RGB raster tilesets.
watergis/mapbox-gl-valhallademoadds a control which can integrate with valhalla api.
watergis/mapbox-gl-area-switcherdemoAdd a simple control to switch area easier.
watergis/mapbox-gl-popupdemoadd a simple popup into Mapbox GL JS.
watergis/mapbox-gl-pitch-toggle-controldemoadd a simple 3D button to change between 3D and 2D.
watergis/mapboxgljs-boilerplatedemoThis is the template of Mapbox GL JS implementation for Water Services Providers with all of customized plugins.
watergis/mapbox.photondemoThis module adds mapbox plugin for Photon geocoder. It’s Apache 2.0 license

2. Software for Vectortiles

watergis/vt-boilerplatea template to create vectortiles from PostGIS and deploy it to Github pages.
watergis/postgis2geojsona module to extract GeoJSON directly from PostGIS.
watergis/postgis2mbtilesa module to extract mbtiles directly from PostGIS.
watergis/postgis2mbtiles-dockera Docker implementation for postgis2mbtiles module.
watergis/mbtiles2pbfa module to convert from mbtiles to pbf(mvt) vectortiles.
watergis/postgis2vectortilesa module to create pbf vectortiles from PostGIS directly.
watergis/sprite-creatora module to create sprite files from SVG icons.
watergis/mvt-generatorThis module creates MVT tiles directly from PostGIS

3. Software for EPANET

watergis/geojson2inpa module create INP file from GeoJSON files.
watergis/postgis2inpa module create INP file directly from PostGIS.

4. Software for Elevation

watergis/dem2terrainrgba python module to convert DEM to terrain RGB raster tiles.
watergis/terrain-rgba typescript module to extract elevation from terrain RGB tilesets by longitude and latitude.

5. Software for Elasticsearch

watergis/es_tileserva simple vector tile server which is served from Elasticsearch.
watergis/elastic2mvta Nodejs module that generate Mapbox vector tiles from Elasticsearch.