In this section, we will show you how to generate vector tiles.

First of all, you can understand our toolkit’s whole procedures in the below image.

System Diagram


Sequence Diagram of vectortiles production in the toolkits

sequenceDiagram participant db as PostGIS participant user as User participant vt as vt participant style as mapbox-stylefiles participant mapbox as Mapbox Studio participant action as Github Actions participant ghpages as gh-pages db->>vt: GeoJSON Note over vt: tippecanoe vt->>user: mbtiles user->>mapbox: Upload mbtiles mapbox->>mapbox: Edit Mapbox Stylefiles Note over mapbox: Stylefile editing db->>vt: GeoJSON Note over vt: Once stylefile is ready vt->>action: Upload mbtiles action->>ghpages: Vector tiles(pbf/mvt) Note over action: Build & Deploy mapbox->>user: Download Mapbox Stylefiles and SVG icons user->>user: Edit Stylefiles for gh-pages user->>style: generate Stylefiles user->>style: generate sprite files style->>ghpages: Deploy Style files and Sprite files user-->>user: Develop Web app by Mapbox GL JS user->>action: Upload HTML/JavaScript action->>ghpages: HTML/JavaScript Note over action: Build & Deploy


Now, we are going to see detailly how to implement your own vectortiles.